What’s Your Gut Quotient?

And why does it matter?

We’ve all heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and many of us are familiar with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) but did you know that there’s such a thing as GQ?  And no, I’m not talking about the Men’s Magazine here. I’m talking about your GUT Quotient – or your Gut Intelligence.


What is your Gut Quotient and why does it matter? And, more importantly, can it be improved upon? Your GQ is the overall health and wellness of your gut – emotionally, energetically and physically. It’s one of the main things that determines your health, wealth and happiness and a billion other important aspects of your life.  Your GQ can be broken down into three important areas. (And YES, it most certainly CAN be improved upon.)

1. Your Intuition/Gut Instinct – When we have a healthy sense of intuition, we are able to feel/sense when something seems off, doesn’t feel quite right, should be avoided, said “no” to or turned down. We listen to our intuition and trust it.

To determine the health of your intuition, ask yourself, “How healthy is my sense of intuition and how often do I listen to it? Does my intuition guide me to make healthy decisions or am I confused by it?

2. Your literal Gut. Your tummy. Your digestive tract. The place your food goes.

How healthy is your gut/digestive tract? Are you feeding it foods that enhance its health or diminish it? Do you eat things that disagree with your body and just “pay the price”? Do you have tons of energy or not so much? Your gut health affects everything from your sleep to mood…and more!

3. The literal strength of your Gut/Core.

How strong is your core center? Do you exercise your core on a regular basis? Confidence, while enhanced by the mind, also comes from a strong core. How is your confidence?

The health of these three things together determines your GQ.

I work with clients to improve their GQ, working both in small groups as well as one-on-one and am currently planning getaway wkends to help you take the first step towards greater GQ. (The first one to Costa Rica in Spring 2015.)

Please contact me for more information or to schedule a 20 minute informational session.

Here are what a few clients have had to say about working with me…

“Ursula has an incredible talent for connecting with and understanding her clients. She always has the client’s best interest in mind, and is constantly striving towards self improvement. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and through our professional interaction she has become a trusted friend. “

- Julie Symanek, Health & Wellness Consultant

“I experienced an EFT Session with Ursula. I honestly never experienced an EFT Session before. I was having pain in the left side of my neck and it has been there for 2 weeks. I have been at a new job for four months and have been overwhelmed with this new experience. As a result of my EFT Session with Ursula, My pain in my neck when from a 10 in the intensity of pain to a 3 in about 30 minutes. It was a life changing experience. I would highly recommend Ursula to any one that is experiencing any emotional or physical distress.”

- Janice Powers, Life Coach

“Ursula’s coaching style and her strong active listening skills made my experience with her productive and enjoyable. By the end of our contracted coaching sessions, she helped me to identify and clarify my underlying challenge, develop a plan for addressing that issue, actually implement the plan, and evaluate the experience and outcomes. Truly a great experience.”

- Terry Kirchner, Executive Director, Westchester Library System

“Ursula listens with compassion and empathy and helps you sort through that clutter to bring greater awareness to your thoughts.  She teaches you where to focus your energy and goals in order to bring happiness in your day to day.   After exploring and committing to her concepts, it will give you the gift of improving all aspects of your life, both personal & professional.  Ursula’s coaching sessions leave you feeling empowered, excited and hopeful.”

- Holly Martin



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