Best Vegan Cheese Sauce EVER


It took me a week of planning but I finally made the BEST Vegan Cheese Sauce out there. It’s not a complicated recipe but has more than a few ingredients (and worth getting every single one!) Excuse the tupperware shot. Not very glam, I know. I was in a hurry to get it in a container and out the door.

Horsing Around In The Outer Banks


We took a long weekend to hang out with my sister and her kids in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. As part of our adventure, we decided to go wild horse hunting. My sister’s boyfriend Craig let a little air out of the tires on his truck and we all piled in. (10 in all!)

We went far down the beach and saw nothing, started back and came upon five spectacular horses just hanging out near the water. It was truly an experience that none of us will ever forget.



The Taco Bowl (Without The Taco)


2015 is the year of the Taco Bowl, didn’t ya know? Okay. I just made that up. But, seriously, it should be. My Taco Bowl adventure this week started with my discovery of butterbeans…yes, omg, butterbeans…at the farmer’s market. Too. Much. Fun.

I’ve been fascinated by the butterbean ever since I saw the Chef & The Farmer episode where Vivian makes butterbean burgers. After I saw the show, I tried to do it with lima beans. Ergh. Not good. So, when I came upon butterbeans at the market this past Saturday, I was beyond excited.


On Sunday night, I spent 2 1/2 hours making these delightful treats…or what I thought would be delightful. Again, they turned out, well, rather underwhelming. So, I froze 6 patties and, in the morning, let 2 defrost. I made one for lunch and was not terribly impressed. Then, last night, I made GF pasta with marinara sauce and cooked up one of the patties on the side. I threw a little Vegenaise on top and chitty chitty bang bang…they tasted amazing.

Then, today, I made a Taco Bowl with refried beans, lettuce, mushrooms, julienned carrots & crumbled the butterbean burger on top. Another hit. YUMMY! So, with this recipe, it’s just a matter of what you do with it. The cheese doesn’t stand alone in this case.

Oh, and one more tip. Seriously – leave out the cumin. It’s just not necessary for these burgers & putting it in just gives it a funky taste.

That’s all.